Gapençais country

The domain of Charance

The Domaine de Charance is currently a privileged park for the Sunday family walk. After leaving the car park, you walk along a stretch of water called "Lac de Charance" where ducks and ducklings navigate, and then arrive at the castle.


The castle of Charance

Beautiful 18th century pleasure house which has become:

  • Documentation center of the Ecrins National Park (source of documentation, before any visit to the Parc des Ecrins).
  • Botanical conservatory (exhibitions and guided tours among roses and rare plants).

The peak of Charance

The Domaine de Charance is attached to the eastern slope of the Pic de Charance which dominates the town of Gap.
Very beautiful view of the North and North-East peaks dominating the city.



Currently, Chaudun is the dream territory for hikers in love with the great outdoors where they will encounter forests and pastures but also steep paths such as quieter paths, and perhaps mouflons.,

The Piolit

Highest peak of the Gap Basin – 2,464 m