Pays de Serre-Ponçon

LES CURATES: A small family hike par excellence, made for toddlers: walking on a path: in the forest … crossing a meadow … and above all, a wonderful and complete belvedere towards Serre-Ponçon lake and the Grand Morgon.

The Grand Morgon

It is the summit which dominates in the East all the “Country of Serre-Ponçon“. After 2h30 of ascent we discover a grandiose panorama.

Boscodon Abbey

Beautiful and sober abbey founded in 1130 by the monks of the Order of Chalais, Listed as a historic monument in 1974 Romanesque style close to Cistercian art The largest in the Southern Alps

Morgon national forest, visited for its very rich flora.

Fontaine de l’Ours: Esplanade in the national forest (with access by car).

A few hikes … and, high mountain races!