The markets

Nearby markets:

Gap: Wednesday morning + Saturday morning

Chorges: Sunday morning (July-August) + Wednesday evening (artisanal) (from 15/07 to 15/08)

Tallard: Tuesday morning + Friday morning

In High Alps
Abries Wednesday morning
Aiguilles Thursday morning
Ancelle Sunday morning
L'Argentière-la-Bessée Friday morning
Aspres sur Buëch Saturday morning
Baratier Thursday night from 18h to 23h (july-august)
Briançon Wednesday morning + Saturday morning (15/07 to 15/08)
Ceillac Thursday morning
Chantemerle Tuesday morning (summer)
Chorges Sunday morning (july-august +
Wednesday night (artisanal) (from 15/07 to 15/08)
Embrun Wednesday morning + Saturday morning
Gap Wednesday morning + Saturday morning
Guillestre Monday morning
La Grave Thursday morning
La Joue du Loup Tuesday morning (july-august)
Laragne Thursday morning
Molines en Queyras Tuesday morning (july-august)
Monêtier-les-Bains Friday morning
Montgenèvre Tuesday morning
Orcières-Merlette Thursday morning (july-august)
Pelvoux Sunday morning (july-august)
Puy-Saint-Vincent Tuesday morning (station 1600) (july-august)
Ribiers Tuesday morning
Risoul Friday morning (station 1850) (july-august)
La Roche des Arnauds Friday morning
Rosans Sunday morning
Saint Bonnet Monday morning + Thursday morning (july-august)
Saint Chaffrey Thurday all the day
St Etienne en Devoluy Friday morning (15/06 to 15/09)
St Firmin en Valgaudemard Tuesday morning
St Jean St Nicolas Friday morning
St Michel de Chaillol Wednesday morning (july-august)
La Salle des Alpes Tuesday all the day
La Saulce Friday morning
Savines-le-Lac Tuesday morning + Friday morning
Serres Saturday morning
Tallard Tuesday morning + Friday morning
Vallouise Thursday morning
Veynes Thursday morning
Villeneuve Tuesday morning


Also some in Haute Provence Alps
Digne Wednesday morning + Saturday morning + great market/all day fair on the 1st Saturday of each month
Sisteron Wednesday morning + Saturday morning + grand marché/all day fair on the 2nd Saturday of each month
Forcalquier Monday morning : great market
Barcelonnette Wednesday morning + Saturday morning